Roll4 Review: Follow the Tracks

Are you ready to see what the savannah has to offer you? Brush up on your survival and tracking skills Unique scenery, exotic wildlife and a bit of danger await you in this adventure. It’s the Follow the Tracks adventure review.

Follow the Tracks Adventure Review

Follow the Tracks is a spectacular adventure created by Maria Gatta for the RPG Writer’s Workshop. Designed for first-edition version of Pathfinder with four 5th-level character’s in mind, this adventure would be easy enough for any gamemaster to convert to another d20 system, including popular (and unpopular) D&D editions should they so choose.

Included are a 43-page full-color, a 43-page black and white, and a 41 page print friendly version of the adventure, so you’ve got exactly what you need no matter how you prefer to view it. The images are fitting and well spaced out.

The layout is, well, I love it. Very few books or adventures give themselves this much negative space. The margins are luxurious, and the line spacing is wide. The more adventures that we review the more that this is becoming a factor for me. I want room to make notes if I wish to print it out. In the margins, or in line. And this adventure has plenty of space, without going overboard.

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The Environment

Apparently, I have a thing for unique environments. It’s half of what I talked about in our Blizzard of Axe and Snow review and again in the The Malediction of the Devil’s Mushroom. And it’s come back a third time. Unique creatures, threats, and flora introduced in this adventure can easily give a group another 2-3 savannah based adventures.

The Plot

As per usual, I’m only going to be giving a bird’s eye view of the plot. No spoilers for any nosy players.

Characters begin by travelling through the savannah, with ample opportunity to get into some shenanigan’s before the hook occurs. Eventually, the party will stumble upon a caravan looking to hire them to reclaim some lost cargo from bandits.

The party will need to spend some time tracking the bandits down, dealing with the perils of the environment, while trying not to draw attention to themselves. However, on meeting the bandits, the party is faced with a decision that will determine the outcome of the adventure.


I really like how open this adventure is. There are a number of contingencies, based on the players actions. Who the players decide to ally themselves with will drastically change the direction in which the adventure is concluded. There is a lot to explore in Follow the Tracks.

For under $5, Follow the Tracks is a great resource for GM’s in any fantasy setting.