Roll4 Review: Wyldrvir

Time to grab your friends and get ready to discover the world of Wyldrvir; a planet only recently touched by magic. Your characters will be young adventurers going out and exploring the effects that magic has on the world around it, helping others and making friends along the way!

Wyldrvir is a rules-light, story-driven tabletop RPG system, designed with optimism in mind, and it shows. It comes with the light-hearted feeling of saturday morning cartoons. This is not a system that focuses on tactics or combat. In fact it doesn’t even have formal combat rules, but instead focuses on unity and exploration, and relies on storytelling mechanics in addition to the conflict resolution rules.

But that’s not saying that fights never happen. As this new magical energy builds up within the creatures and wildlife, they can become wild and dangerous. Adventurers are tasked with becoming “Monster Healers”, sometimes engaging in combat or using other methods to tire these creatures out. These heroes help to release some of their stored magical energy allowing the creatures to get a grip on themselves and resume their normal life.

Wyldrvir Map • Roll4 Network

The System

Wyldrvir has an incredibly simple conflict resolution system. Each character gains a set of skills, ranging from a d4 to a d12. When you are called on to roll an attribute, you roll a d20 and the die value of the attribute adding them together. If this amount exceeds the difficulty (or an opposed roll), then you succeed! Rolling within 3 numbers under the difficulty would allow you to succeed at a cost, and anything under that resulting in a failure.

What I like most out of the system of Wyldrvir is the freeform aspect of the attributes. These are multifaceted skills that can have a variety of uses. When you create your character, you will choose one attribute based on your character’s species, and one based on your city of origin.The other 5 attributes are completely up to you! While Wyldrvir does come with a list of attributes you can choose from such as “mediator” or “Decent at cooking”, you can come up with your own attributes that fit your character, like “Natural performer”, or “fishing extraordinaire”.

How to get Wyldrvir

If you’re looking for a pickup-and-play system that’s simple to run, Wyldrivir fits the role. Honestly, if you’re looking for a game to share with children, this is an amazing game to start with. It’s strong emphasis on optimism within a world of exploration makes it the perfect storytelling engine for children of any age. Wyldrvir is available from Drive Thru RPG for $10, and the playtest materials are available for free.

There are an absolute ton of additional resources available from Google Drive as well. From official adventures, expansions, and resources, to optional playtest rules so you can customize your game to exactly what you want.

Wyldrvir • Roll4 Network