Roll4 Review: The Malediction of the Devil’s Mushroom

Fill up your water skins now while you have a chance. It’s a long trip through the desert, to get to the mine, and you never know what you’re going to encounter. The Malediction of the Devil’s Mushroom adventure awaits!

The Malediction of the Devil’s Mushroom

This adventure is a 34 page full-color adventure written by Andy “Old Goat” Headley, the creator of the Hit & Run adventure. Created for a party of 4-6 characters of 4th-6th level, the Devil’s Mushroom has got a bit of something for every kind of player.

For this adventure, Andy worked with the Anarune’s Almanac Team, who has an impressive collection of adventures and sourcebooks in their own right. Together they have created a beautifully crafted module, complete with a professional layout and artwork. As an added bonus, when you purchase this adventure through DM’s Guild, you will also receive a 25% discount for the Anarune’s Almanac: the Underdark.

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Digging In

In this adventure, character’s will be hired by Kenia Glynmoira, who recently inherited a plot of land from a long lost relative. Land that may still have a functioning gold mine. Naturally, your goal is to ensure that no shady entities are still hovering around the mine. However, you’re likely to find much more than you’re looking for.

For me, this adventure sparks that good ol’ D&D emotion. All in all, it’s a fairly straightforward adventure, but it allows for the character’s to find their way through on their own terms. Whether the character’s are hyper efficient tactical machines, or they plunge headlong into it, they’re going to get a very different feel to this module. The non-combat encounters have a good variety of solutions and outcomes based on the tactics that the party takes, and the classes of the characters. 

The outstanding feature of this book, however, is the worldbuilding. To spend so much time with the creatures, and flora of the Underdark brings an unparalleled sense of immersion into the game. While I haven’t read Anarune’s Almanac: The Underdark, I’m sure that it increases this effect even more. It would definitely be a good idea to give it a look if you’re planning multiple sessions in the underdark.

Our Thoughts

Overall, The Malediction of the Devil’s Mushroom is a good adventure for mercenaries, or characters picking up a bit of work between stops. That is, unless you’re planning on doing more with the underdark. If this is a biome you would want to explore more with your group, then this adventure is a spot on introduction to what they would encounter. 

Reading Devil’s Mushroom feels familiar, but not too familiar. It’s like watching an adventure movie for a second time. You already know the twists, but you’ll pick up new things along the way. The journey itself is so much fun, you won’t mind if you’ve seen some of the stops before. If you’re looking for a solid cave exploring adventure: you found it. 

For only $4.95, The Malediction of the Devil’s Mushroom comes with a lot. contains an adventure, and 17 pages worth of extras. There are 2 magic items, 18 creatures or enemies, and 9 types of flora, all in a wonderfully presented PDF. For an adventure this versatile, it’s well worth it.

Buy The Malediction of the Devil’s Mushroom for $4.95 on DM’s Guild.