Roll4 Review: Hit & Run 5e Adventure

Hit And Run 5e Review

Are you ready to get rich? If you have what it takes, you can earn a hefty sum of money in one day in the city of Daggerford. You have 24 hours to complete this quest, with great risk, and greater reward. However failure in any step, and you’ll leave with nothing.  Hit and Run […]

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Review: The Adamantine City of Tarondir

The Adamantine City of Tarondir

CZ RPG, creator of the Isle of Endless Fog adventure, has just released their most recent book, The Adamantine City of Tarondir. It features a detailed city, along with an adventure for 4th level characters. Grab your magnifying glasses, and dawn your Sherlock Holmes hat, cause we’ve got a mystery on our hands! The Adamantine […]

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Review: Isle of Endless Fog Adventure

Isle of Endless Fog 5e Review

Grab your torch, and be on alert. This spooky review of the Isle of Endless Fog adventure is about to begin! This 5e adventure is from the Cities of Myth campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons, written by Realmwarp Media. If you’ve never heard of Cities of Myth before, hop on over to Drive Thru […]

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Roll4 Review: Locus RPG

Review Locus RPG

Overview Locus is a new Mystery-Horror tabletop RPG created by Cobble Path Games, and boy does it deliver! Locus is divided into two separate sourcebooks: The Player Guide and The Director’s Guide. Between the two books, there are critical differences that provide the perfect amount of information to each audience. This is the Roll4 Review […]

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REVIEW: The Blizzard of Axe and Sword

The Blizzard of Axe and Sword cover

Dark Peaks has done it again with their new adventure, The Blizzard of Axe and Sword! However, this adventure isn’t one for the faint of heart. You will be challenged not only by your adversaries but by the environment itself. To survive, you’ll need to keep your wits about you. Do you think you have what it takes? […]

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The Festival of Swords: Review

Picture of Festival of Swords book

Face your fears and risk it all to save your hometown in The Festival of Swords, an introductory adventure for the Dark Peaks RPG. In the past, we’ve talked about the importance of quick-play documents for RPG’s, and Dark Peaks delivers. However, instead of just being a “how to play” document, this is a full […]

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