REVIEW: The Blizzard of Axe and Sword

Dark Peaks has done it again with their new adventure, The Blizzard of Axe and Sword! However, this adventure isn’t one for the faint of heart. You will be challenged not only by your adversaries but by the environment itself. To survive, you’ll need to keep your wits about you. Do you think you have what it takes?


The Blizzard of Axe and Sword is an epic 7 chapter adventure through a frozen wasteland in Forgotten Realms. This is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition adventure, featuring full-color pages in a PDF totaling 57 pages. As always with Dark Peaks, the layout is on point, making the pages a pleasure to read. It’s the quality that I’ve come to expect from the creators of Whitefaire Adventurer’s Guide.

This adventure comes packed with 14 maps (with some of them being battle maps), and amazing artwork on every page. The included flavor text of each location gives a great jumping-off point for any DM. Whether you want to add to it or not, in a few sentences you will immediately get the sense of your surroundings. Likewise, the lore and NPC’s behind the adventure is just as astonishing.

The true genius of this module is that there are multiple paths to achieving success! There are two entirely different routes the party can take to reach their destination. Out in the brutal frozen wasteland, or beneath it. Each path has an entirely different feel, with different challenges and enemies!

While the basis of The Blizzard of Axe and Sword is to confront a band of Ice Giants, you can expect a diverse cast of enemies depending on the path that you choose. You can also expect a fair amount of surprises! On a side note: if you don’t at least attempt to tame a baby mammoth to pull your sled, or as a mount: I’ll be slightly disappointed.

The Blizzard of Axe and Sword cover
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Our Thoughts

The Blizzard of Axe and Sword is a shining example of what brutal adventures should be. The environment and character decisions are just as, if not more, important to success than blind fights or traps. It shows just how much lore, history, and care Dark Peaks can put in their products. It stands out in a way that’s fitting to describe more as a mini-campaign than a mere adventure. 

While this adventure would be great in any Forgotten Realms games, I don’t think that’s where it’s true strength lies. Where this adventure reaches its full height of glory is with Dark Peaks recently released Whitefaire Adventurer’s Guide. There are so many things from this Adventure that have additional expanded rules, PC races, and class features that align perfectly with the brutal nature of this module.

The Blizzard of Axe and Snow gets our endorsement! And starting at only $6.99, I think this much content is an absolute steal! However, my recommendation is to get the Whitefaire Bundle Deal, which can save you a few dollars at $13.99!