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Our articles include advice for players and GM’s at every experience level, as well as reviews of games, and adventures.

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At Roll4 we have some of the most comprehensive generators on the web. Our list of random generators for Tabletop RPG’s is always growing

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Who is Roll4 Network?

Our goal is to provide articles, tools, settings, and ideas to any player or Game Master. We believe in providing quality content and advice to every enthusiast regardless of the system or setting you use. Roll4 designs articles for every experience level, from the seasoned veteran to those looking to get into their first game.

Also, our generators are top-notch and completely free. You can save your favorite options to your own custom lists, all at the low, low price of $0. It is our belief that ideas for your game should never be hidden behind a paywall. Overkill does not exist in our vocabulary for how we design our random generators for your campaigns.


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