Review: Brightlance’s Tome of Knighthood

Why haven’t you taken a look at Dark Peaks new book Aleina Brightlance’s Tome of Knighthood? To be honest, I’ve been beyond excited for this release, but the end result is more than I could have hoped for! After the amazing success of Whitefaire Adventurer’s Guide and Blizzard of Axe and Sword adventures, the Tome of Knighthood shows that the Dark Peaks team has really hit their stride. Let’s take a look at what you’ll find in Brightlance.


Brightlance is an absolutely beautiful book that shows the attention to detail and care that Dark Peaks takes in each and every one of their products. This 115 page full-color PDF is an absolute delight to look at. It comes complete with amazing full-page and in-page artwork, complete with a stained glass page motif. The writing is clear, easy to read, and has an excellent layout. If you’re a fan of Dark Peaks (if not, you should be), this book will not disappoint!


The first 22 pages of Brightlance’s Tome of Knighthood introduce the ideals of knighthood. This is the real flavor of playing a Knight, and how it differs from other classes traditionally associated with knights, such as Paladin. Instead of pledging their allegiance to a Deity, they are instead bound to a set of Chivalric Ideals. These ideals are a code of ethics based on Courage, Justice, Nobility, Mercy, and Hope.

Another great addition is the necessity of quests for a knight. In order to gain prestige in your knighthood order, you have to complete quests, based on your rank in the knighthood, with 5 quests in all. This really adds to the flavor of knights, based not on history as much as the knights of the round.

Character Generation

And now, the best part of the Tome of Knighthood. The Knight Class! And I have to say, I love it! They have a unique expendable resource called Ideal Points, that give you access to unique and powerful techniques. The first of which is found at character creation. You can choose one of the Chivalric Ideals as your main tenant, giving your knight a unique power. In addition, starting at 3rd level, you can choose a Chivalric Code: Foot Knight, Jouster, or Pilgrim Knight. Choosing a code unlocks additional levels of customization for your knight.

Heraldry is another part of the knights path. As they complete quests their legend grows, adding to their prestige. And as their prestige goes, so does their coat of arms. Heraldry is a custom coat of arms unique to each knight, and depending on the rank you unlock special powers bestowed on your items.

Overall, the Knight class has a great level of customization allowing each and every knight to have their own unique feel and powers. Honestly, it’s gotten my wheels spinning on an all knight campaign… as if I didn’t already have enough other campaigns kicking around. 

One side-note: in this section, there is a small blurb on the rules of an Honorable duel. Whether you’re a player or a GM, read this section! There can be so many cool moments in a campaign based around this idea.


And now for Dark Peaks biggest strength: Lore! There are 74 pages on four unique Knightly orders to add flavor to your world. In my opinion, whether or not you are planning on using the Knight class, this section alone makes this book a great buy. There is a limitless potential for worldbuilding using the orders that come pre-packaged in the book. Alternatively, if you’re more of a do-it-yourself-er, they’ve got everything that you need to get started by creating your own order.

In the book there are four orders listed in this book, each with different levels of generic recruits as NPC’s or opponents. There are maps of their headquarters, a description of their tactics, and their operation. Here are the orders in Brightlance:


This is a traditional look at the classic tales of knighthood, such as those that followed King Arthur. It has a rich tapestry of history fully fleshing out this order for your campaign. This order comes complete with a background that you can apply towards your character as well

Half-Knight Fraternity

A cursed and undead order of knighthood lost to a curse long ago. To me, it summons visions of the first Pirates of the Carribean movie, with a medieval twist. Well, minus the ships. This is the only order that doesn’t come with a background built in, as it’s probably not meant for players. But maybe if there’s enough interest, we all can ask Dark Peaks really nicely if there will be a Background to come.

Windborne Order

Do you want to have a knight that rides from a giant eagle? Well this is the order for you! The trademark of this order is having flying mounts, as well as their airship bases. Just imagine: Griffin jousting. I never knew I wanted anything so bad! This Order has your pick of two unique backgrounds.


Last up are the salt-knights, the order that is based on the high seas. While still holding to the traditions of knighthood, they have adapted to their new environment, making this the most unique order, in my opinion. Salt-Knights have one Background available.

Our Opinion

The remaining pages are left for unique magical items and NPC’s, everything to get you started in building your new knightly world. Overall, Brightlance’s Tome of Knighthood has enough to get your footing on your first quest as a squire, with enough story hooks to lead you through an entire campaign if you so wish. Once again, here at Roll4, we highly recommend this guidebook for anyone wishing to add a bit of chivalry to their games.

Brightlance’s Tome of Knighthood is available through DM’s Guild. (Check it out!)