Roll4 Review: Hit & Run 5e Adventure

Are you ready to get rich? If you have what it takes, you can earn a hefty sum of money in one day in the city of Daggerford. You have 24 hours to complete this quest, with great risk, and greater reward. However failure in any step, and you’ll leave with nothing. 

Hit and Run 5e Adventure

Hit and Run is a fast-paced D&D 5e adventure for 2nd or 3rd level characters.  This 25-page full color pdf has everything you’ll need to run a low level adventure for your battle-hardened adventurers. And that 25 pages is dense with content. One thing that I would like to have seen from this product is a bit more whitespace. Personally, some more page breaks and headers would have gone a long way for clarity and reference. That being said, this should not be a dealbreaker for you, because this adventure is sweet as H-E-double-hockey-sticks.

Hit and Run comes from Andy Headley, one of the creators of The Adamantine City of Tarondir In this adventure, the group will be tasked with assassinating 3 criminals in hiding for their previous sins. Now in respectable positions, this is not a feat easily done. However, you will be handsomely rewarded if you succeed. However, there is a catch. You only have 24 hours to get it done and escape the city.


Hit and Run does an amazing job at keeping the pace up. The sense of urgency is something that’s particularly hard to do in RPG’s. However, in Hit & Run, when the mission starts, you’ll be on the edge of your seat until it’s over. You don’t have an unlimited amount of time to plan, coordinate and prepare. You have 24 hours, with no background information. This was a brilliant addition that fits the tone of the adventure perfectly.

While there are a good deal of shops and establishments that the characters can visit in Daggerford, you’ll have to visit them beforehand if you want a good look. 

Problem Solving

Each of these targets, however, present their own unique challenges. Going in guns-a-blazing is going to get you busted by the local guard, or worse. You will need to use your wit to accomplish this goal with your life intact. 

While each step has clear objectives, there are unclear means of doing so. Each step covers potential ways that players may try to get to the targets, some options better than others. Although, players may find even more clever (or worse) ways of finding their way in, and there are contingencies for these as well. While we’ve seen troubleshooting like this in adventures before, the urgency adds a whole new element. Right or wrong, a decision needs to be made if you want to get paid. 

The absolute best part, however, is when the problems become tangible! Included in the adventure are a series of notes, with some of them missing information due to water damage. This is, without a doubt, my favorite puzzle I’ve seen from an adventure. As any of my players would tell you, I love puzzles in my RPG games. From simple, to elegant, to riddles, I love them. And this one is the best. It provides real-world problem solving augmented with RPG rolls! Included are printable versions of these notes, with clues that can be given through narrative and rolls to help steer the players in the right direction. This is how puzzles should be played!

The Takeaway

Hit & Run is a fantastic high-stakes, fast-paced adventure for lower level campaigns. While a lot of emphasis is on the roleplay and problem solving, there are more than a few fights that await you in this adventure. For the price of only $4.99 on GM’s guild, you will not be disappointed.