Massive Generator Updates! (2020)

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

To be honest, we’ve never been happy with the look of our generators. While we’ve always been proud of the results generated, the front end system was sluggish, and looked horrible on mobile. So, we decided to overhaul it!

We are glad to announce our new front end for all Roll4 Generators! We’ve optimized the site to load more than twice as fast as it used to, in addition to being much more streamlined. In addition, we have overhauled our Magic Item Generator, and our Spell Name Generator, more than doubling the options that are available!

We’ve also created a comprehensive Saved List system, Creating your own lists has never been easier! Save the results you like, then copy and paste them to the note system of your choice! When you go to a Generator, a default list will automatically be created! But what if you want to create a custom list for the session that you’re planning? It’s Easy! The image below will walk you through the different options available for the the new Saved List system.

GenOpts • Roll4 Network
Saved List Options

Finally, we have 5 Brand New Generators out this week!

  1. D&D Tiefling Name Generator
  2. Arthurian Name Generator
  3. Biblical Name Generator
  4. Medieval Name Generator
  5. Viking Name Generator