What Makes a Big Bad

Hooded Figure

So we’ve started by creating memorable villains, now it’s time to create the end-all Big Bad Evil Guy (aka BBEG). A BBEG isn’t your low-level thug. This is Emperor Palpatine, Sauron, or Lord-Freakin’-Voldemort. So let’s take a look at what makes a Big Bad! The importance of personality and uniqueness is still relevant, of course. These […]

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Make A Memorable Villain

An Evil Wizard

Making a memorable villain is one of the most important tools that a Game Master can have in their GM Tool belt. While the players are the driving force behind the story; Villains are the ones that set the stage. They are the ones directly opposing the players, slowing, or even halting their progress, building […]

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Secrets to Character Growth

Have you ever experienced actual character growth with your character in a tabletop RPG? Now, I’m not just talking about getting closer to your goal, and maybe being a little less reckless, but actual emotional or spiritual growth? If not you’re missing out, it really is an incredibly fulfilling experience. Regardless of how much backstory […]

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PC Hobbies That Don’t Suck

Hobby Tools

“Whew! That dungeon was rough. Time to get some much needed R&R” – Your Character Everyone needs some time off once in a while, and your imaginary alter-ego is no different. Dungeoneering, exploring, and probably killing everything adventuring is hard work, and after a hard day’s work the characters have got to kick back and […]

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Speak Softly, and carry a Big Schtick

It’s crunch time. Your players went off the rails again, opting to crash the Mayor’s Christmas Ball instead of executing a bank heist that you meticulously planned. Now you need to come up with a guest list, STAT! Of course, you’ve got a name generator bookmarked, and a giant list of Mannerisms to choose from, […]

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The Common Enemy

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” – Ancient Proverb A party is only as strong as their determination to stay together. Nothing can throw off a campaign faster than having a few players replace their characters because they no longer have any reason to travel with the party. Having the players come up with […]

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The Noble Villain

An elderly man

Oftentimes a Game Master forgets one of the most important aspects of any notable character while creating a bad guy, the motive. Now, not every antagonist or obstacle needs a motive, for example, a Gibbering Mouther is going to attack regardless of any reason. Not even every Sentient villain really needs a full reason to […]

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