AI Wrote an episode of Tech Linked, and it’s Hilarious!

What is this?

We painstakingly downloaded every episode of Techlinked to train AI to write a script for us. This ridiculous mess was the beautiful result. Move over Reily, you’ve got competition!

A few months ago, I downloaded the Closed Caption script for every tech linked (that I could at the time), and trained GPT-2 on it! I mean, this is far from the first time that we’ve done this, but personally, I enjoy it so much I can’t stop! You can view all of our Machine Learning scripts including the Adventure Zone and Seinfeld! If you want to learn more about the process, we documented our process in this article.

What was particularly difficult about this run was the data that you get from Closed Captions. While it did a pretty good job of picking up brand names and products (except Ryzen which corrected to “rise in”), closed captions don’t come with any punctuation. This lack of punctuation made the script very difficult to read, so, unfortunately, I had to modify this script a bit more than what I had to in the past. However, the only corrections that I made to the text itself are capitalizations, punctuations, and the changing of the word Ryzen.

And because I was really hoping that the script was going to generate this at some point, but it didn’t:

The Script

Tech News! It’s on us to give you a bunch of patch notes so you don’t have to look like a fool while you wait for the next episode of Tech Linked! So, is this like a tech news show thing? Do I need to sign a waiver?

Oh Boy! It’s an exciting day as AMD’s much anticipated third-gen Ryzen product three core i770X has been leaked with thermal properties apparently very similar to the third-gen Ryzen series processors, although this one is only listed as mega! Somebody with technical knowledge about processors might be able to provide some useful information. AMD might be sticking with this six-core eight-thread model. Although, it’s been rumored for a while that the chip will have a ring core of 12 threads and twelve crossbars to make up for the lack of cores in the lower end model components used. Apparently, the thermal pad designs used on the chip do account for the fact that it has fewer cores than AMD’s previous chips while the actual performance increase might be very small it looks like the Ryzen 3000 series. Chips are going to be a lot of fun to buy for your friend when they tell you about their new PC and you say like “oh I had one myself”.

The world’s most popular hacker group, The Shadow Brokers, have uploaded a database consisting of more than 220 million records from companies like Alfa stock, AIza, NVidia as well as government agencies like the FBI and Nokia. The leaks suggest that the US and Chinese governments are experimenting with some sort of cyber weaponization of your fridge, but we can’t be sure that it’s zero security. This is because the only thing that the Shadow Brokers uploaded with the hacking group’s name in it is an app called “car”. Apparently, that was a vulnerability, and now that the world is allowed to develop its own weapons, like a hedge.

Hmm… and speaking of security, the bug bounty program that was announced by Apple in order to prevent such a thing from happening anymore, is now open to all developers. In the Google apps program, the same security rules that apply to standard apps now also apply to low-risk apps, and so it is no longer safe to unlock your phone with a fingerprint or password. Google is also going to be requiring all new Android phones to have a 1.6 nanometer Adreno 330 processor or else they’ll be sold like a dumb car which is apparently what Google is going to do to stand out from the crowd. I know I’m gonna go like a dumb car. Like I already said, I don’t know why you would buy a Porsche when you can just rip off the front and add a convertible top if you’re gonna do it. I could go for a Porsche, with no plastic now, but if you do then you might want to get in contact with us as we might be able to help you get your hands on one of only a few remaining 1980s model Jetson’s cars.

Now, it’s time for quick bits! Brought to you by the Coursera One compact gaming PC. Yeah, it’s small, but that’s fine because the one and the only thing that matters is that it’s got great performance! Built-in overclocking support and a CX option that will make your own CPU run quicker. It’s got two Thunderbolt ports a full-size HDMI port and two USB type-c ports which it can also use as a Wi-Fi dongle so you don’t have to buy a Wi-Fi adapter. To use it as a gaming PC, it’s got a lot of features for about a hundred bucks. But if it isn’t the one, check out the one from the link below or better still get it with the coupon code tech15. I don’t know how to stop talking and quick bits!

Form Factor, a company based in the UK that has been making flat-panel displays for years, and one of them has now made the leap from a prototype to production. Yesterday, reports indicate that the company has taken pre-orders for its first round of ersical displays which will have a 21:9 aspect ratio and very small bezels. Although. we still have a long way to go before we see these things in the wild the leap in production is exciting news for pro gamers and pro content producers who can now offer more places to watch content at lower bitrates. Plus, small bezels mean less window eating and less poking around the house in the future. When we’re just like looking at the place where we want to go but it’s hidden from view from such a great height.

The internet can be kind of scary. After a massive data breach affecting around 250,000 entities, the FCC has decided to go after just two of them, leaving other huge breaches like PayPal and Adobe to figure out how to get on the list. These rogue companies, not the government, are responsible for the hacks which occurred between 2017 and 2018. According to the FCC, these two companies only made about 17 thousand dollars in total from the hack which is a fraction of the amounts stolen by those other bad guys. The rogue companies are called attackers and the victims, unfortunately, we don’t know much more about this than we did yesterday. About a hundred and eighty-five thousand that’s not a lot of money on the popcorn bank, that’s a lot of money, that’s a lot of money. We’re okay. We’re already doing that.

Elon Musk has apparently read through the code of the internet and knows how to pronounce all of its abbreviations, like Tesla Jeff. – is that the one that ends – not Tesla -aeus for short. He has apparently written an entire book on the ins-and-outs of the internet. It’s really great, but then the rest of us don’t have access to that kind of access knowledge.

Intel’s new 10 nanometer Cooper Lake process CPU, code-named Aftershock, definitely looks like it with a hexagonal grid of eight C boxes and four small cubes. It’s got a turbo clock of 5 gigahertz and runs at a boost clock of 4.9 gigahertz. I guess it’s able to reach 4.9 gigahertz. oh yeah, it also uses a four-nanometer process, meaning it’s half a nanometer smaller than their previous generation core versions including the ninth gen core i7 9700 K and the eighth-gen core i7 8700 K. It is also a big deal because it’s the first Intel CPU to use this new tech in a mainstream processor launch. If it works out well for the chip’s owners it could mean much more mainstream Chrome OS laptops with integrated graphics become a reality in the not-too-distant future consumer base models of discrete graphics cards are starting to appear.

That’s the end of this episode! Thanks for watching guys subscribe for more tech news and we’ll see you on Monday! Regardless, but wait. We can’t, I can’t wait. I’m here!