Creature Profile- Forward


This is the second field tome of Scarlett Reed. Everything from the first journal has been scribed into this one.

It was my goal to journey out into the world, with my husband Sean, to chronicle the wildlife of the natural and magical world. Journeys, however, can consume a considerable amount of capital, which we quickly ran out of. If we were going to continue, we would need a sponsor. This led us to Baron Wilfred Montgomery. He agreed to sponsor our expedition, as long as we started by studying Dragons.

Together with our protector, the knight Lady Beatrice A. Saunders, we traveled east, to a cold and mountainous region, where we heard rumors of a dragon that was worshipped by a nearby town. The locals were friendly enough but reluctant to direct us to the dragon. As such, we were forced to scour the mountain for ourselves in order to find it.

As we searched, a blizzard rolled in too quickly for us to make our escape. Exhausted, cold and fearing for our lives, we found shelter in a cave on the south side of the mountain. However, this cave was not just a shield from the storm, as Sean pointed out, it was actually warm.

It’s to this realization when we noticed, we were face to face with a real-life dragon. Much to our surprise, he introduced himself as Tormund the Wise and inquired as to why we were in his cave. Though his words were cordial, his tone hinted at something more menacing as he eyed Lady Saunders sword.

We quickly told him the full tale, which he pondered for what seemed like an eternity. In the end, he offered us an ultimatum. He would allow us to wait out the storm and leave with our lives intact if we shared the knowledge we gained through research with him. Without reluctance, we agreed.

Tormund then gave us what he called the Tome of Indexing and the Quill of Duplicity. The dragon went on to explain that the pages contained within the book will rearrange entries together and that it will summon new pages when needed, so it will never fill. The Quill, he explained, has a twin, owned by himself. When anything is penned with one quill, the other will also scribe. Anything that is written by us, Tormund will see.

Thus, we have traveled far and wide in order to document as many forms of life as we are able to. These are our adventures.