Creature Profile: Unicorns

Collected from the Tome of Scarlett Reed:

6113.25.12 – After living in the forests of Zexen for nearly a year, we’ve had our first encounter with a Unicorn. Sean seems to have inadvertently caught the attention of an Ursowl while sketching it causing it to attack. After a blow, Sean regained consciousness to the sight of a unicorn. It is unclear if it sought to protect my husband, or if it was more coincidence. Though he wasn’t able to follow it himself, he did find the general direction of the creatures. We plan to explore the area in the near future.

I can’t deny the fact that I am glad to be rid of the Ursowl for a few days.

6113.25.18 – After a few days of searching, Lady Beatrice Saunders seems to have stumbled upon some horse tracks that she stated were “Too large to be Clydesdale prints”. We followed and ended up finding a pair of unicorns settled by a stream. They are indeed larger than even the largest horses I’m aware of, pure white, with a single horn on their head. The descriptions of these creatures I’ve heard since a child was indeed accurate.

After a few days of watching, we suspected that they were aware of our presence. This was confirmed when we found a small pile of apples left by our tent, the skin was ever so slightly broken, in what looked to be from the mouth of a large horse. We were flabbergasted, these creatures offered us a gift. Whatever was previously written about these creatures intelligence and kindness has been greatly underestimated. I have to wonder how poachers can justify slaughtering one of these creatures, purely to obtain their horn, which fetches a high price at market.

6113.25.29 – It’s been a few weeks of studying these creatures, and their mystique continues to grow. It seems as if their presence pacifies creatures around them as if they not only dislike violence but are able to persuade other wildlife around them the same. Personally, I have witnessed two Ursowl engaged in battle, likely over territory, and with the presence of one of the unicorn pair, they both disengaged. These creatures clearly have some sort of magical ability.

Their diet seems to be identical to that of other equine creatures.

6114.2.15 – Today we happened across a druid that made a home in these woods Desmond Paterson. He was kind enough to impart some of his knowledge of these creatures passed down through Druidic circles. He stated that we were indeed correct about their pacifying ability, but that is not where their magic ends.

These creatures were also immortal. Though they are able to be killed, they do not seem to die from natural causes. In addition, there is not a poison nor disease known to affect them. A creature must decide that they wish to murder these unicorns.

The only other way that a Unicorn can die is if its Bonded has perished. Unicorns are deeply empathetic, however once a Unicorn mates, it does so for life. These ties are so strong, according to Desmond, that if the mate of a unicorn perishes, so does the unicorn. He’s heard rumors that a unicorn can even bond to a person instead of other unicorns in some cases.

–Tormund Amendment: This may very well be true. I owned a Unicorn for some 200 years before it perished. Regrettably, I do not know how old it was when I acquired it, or if it had been bonded before I came in possession of it —