March 2021 RPG Blog Carnival

After waiting a whole month, we bring you the March 2021 RPG Blog Carnival Wrapup! Giant thank you to Sea of Stars for the introduction from February’s RPG Blog Carnival!

Including our article, this month we had four others join in:

Campaign Mastery wrote an excellent deep dive, navigating the GM’s process between the gray areas of saying yes and no. There’s a lot of great advice in this article, so get your pencils ready.
And so, having considered all the alternatives, the only case remaining is that the player is asking a question of the GM

Owlbear Games tells an amusing tale about when his DM said yes, much to his detriment. It’s fun and you’ll love it!
The dungeon master had warned me about the stupidity of playing such a character, but I had insisted.

Sea of Stars shared a story where the entire theme of a campaign was turned around based on what the characters wanted to do. This is a perfect example of the exact opposite of railroading.
But that was what the players were excited by, so that is what the game’s focus shifted to.  That was the important lesson learned, follow what the players are interested in even if it is not where you thought the game was going.

Roleplay-Geek updated one of their articles to show how saying yes is a powerful tool to avoid railroading.
Possibly the hardest lesson for a new Games Master to learn is how to say Yes.”

April’s RPG Blog Carnival will be hosted by Codex Anathema with the theme of Gathering Inspiration for Magic Items!

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