#RPGaDAY2020 : 6 – Forest

Start your campfires, pitch your tent, and watch for bandits. Day 6 of the RPG a Day challenge is Forests! Today we’re just going to create a d10 random roll table of ways to travel through a forest. That’s right, trying something new! If you like these sorts of things, let us know in the comments below and we’ll definitely make some more!

  1. The Indy Jones – You got from point A to point B without issue. Good job!
  2. The “We Don’t Talk About It” – You flash forward to point B, and something happened. Your player’s don’t know, heck you don’t even know. Only the characters. And from now on, no one is talking about it. Let your players flesh out some details if they wish, but they can only do so in character.
  3. The “Who put this here” – There’s something you don’t normally find in the middle of a forest. Some random stable, a well, a garden. Whatever it is, it’s miles from civilization. Which is very similar to…
  4. The “It’s been a while since I’ve had a customer” – You stumble upon a shop that’s not part of any road or path. How do they stay in business?
  5. The “Stick ’em up” – What? Bandits? Classic bandits!
  6. The “Double Stick ’em up” – More bandits? Seriously this is getting out of hand. But wait, that first group were actually members of the guard trying to extort you, and the bandits held up the guards! Now the question is, are they the helpful Robin Hood type bandits, or are they going to take your money once they’re done with the guards?
  7. The “What are you doing here?” – You remember that guy that you met a long time ago? What are the chances that he’s here, right now? Crazy.
  8. The “Bet you weren’t expecting that” – Just when you think you’re squaring off against a troupe of trolls, ready your weapons, the smallest one begins to snap rhythmically. The next largest starts tapping his foot as the music of the forest comes alive in a symphony. That’s when the realization dawns, you’ve just been challenged to a dance-off. Ready to get served?
  9. The “That was fun” –  Oh yes, your sarcasm detector is spot on! You flash forward to point B, exhausted, beaten, and battered. It was exactly as rigorous as you thought it would be. Just don’t say “it can’t get any worse”.
  10. The Road Trip – Get ready to play those open road songs! Each player describes a short scene of the party bonding. #bffsforever

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