#RPGaDAY2020 : 2 – Change

It’s day 2 (well, we’re a bit late so 3?), so let’s get started: RPG a Day 2020 – Change! However, instead of starting over from scratch, let’s expand on the concepts of stakes introduced “yesterday”! 

As time continues, stakes can gradually be increased. As players bond with their characters, and other characters the stakes can slowly be raised, because player investment increases. OK, sure, the characters will grow and continue to get closer to the other party members or NPC’s. The real goal, however, is player investment. As the player investment grows, the more the people around the table are actually going to care about the outcomes of the stakes. And the more that the player involved invests in the stakes, the more the character themselves will invest in the stakes. To quite a degree, player investment is key in PC investment, and the more investment, the more likely you are to have character growth!

How do you bring about this change? By introducing stakes. Stakes allow characters to put everything on the line, and whether they succeed or fail, the character themselves will change. Over time, these stakes increase as the player and character become more compelled to act. Somtimes this will work out to their advantage, and other times not. This is what is known as character growth, they have become more than what they were at the beginning of the session. You can read more about character growth, and it’s importance, here.

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