Monthly Magical Items – June 2020

Once again, it’s time for a Monthly magical items list! We are bringing interesting homebrew items directly to you each month (ish). No more single static bonus items here, these are all new, with weird and fun effects for your campaign! You can download the full PDF Here!

Cards of Drunkenness

Finally, a deck of enchanted cards that aren’t for cheating! This deck of cards ensures that all participants that are playing cards are always at the same level of intoxication, sobering some and intoxicating others. This effect only lasts as long as all participants are actively playing cards, but any level of extra intoxication that occurs while playing will be split between the players. No longer will the Dwarven Fighter be the only one without double vision!

Barrel of Tendrils

Anyone that opens the top to this barrel is in for a surprise! In a flash, a hundred tiny tendrils shoot out from the top to grasp the unsuspecting victim. Ability checks (Escape DC 12) made to break this grapple have disadvantage. Once a creature size medium or smaller has failed 3 times, they are pulled into the barrel, where they are held for five minutes, until the Barrel shoots them out the top again. It’s creepy, for sure, but it also makes a great stalling trap.

Adventurer’s Buffalo Wand

This wand comes with 10 charges. You can expend any number of these charges to cast the “Stampede Buffalo” spell as a standard action. The amount of buffalo you summon is twice that of the charges spent. If 3 or more charges were spent, the stampede is 10’ wide, and if 6 or more charges were spent, the stampede is 20’ wide. These buffalo will travel in a straight line for 40’ dealing 1d8 per charge for each creature they run through, and knocking them prone. The Buffalo will continue to run 40’ each round, in a straight line, as long as you can maintain concentration.

Once hit with this attack, a creature can decide to make a Dexterity save to take ½ damage or a Strength save to resist being knocked prone. The DC for both of these checks are 10 + ½ the number of charges used (rounded up).

The wand restores 1 charge extended rest. However, this can be increased to 1d4 by picking grass and offering it to the wand before you go to sleep. When you awaken, the grass surrounding the wand will disappear. If this wand ever reaches 0 charges, 20 Buffalo spring forth, casually looking for food, not stampeding.

Purple Broom of Tripping

This minorly cursed item makes a wonderful prank! Consisting of a purple broomstick, normal straw bristles, and a rascally spirit, this broomstick will fall right as someone’s passing it attempting to trip them. Anyone targetted by this will have to succeed on a DC 12 Dexterity save to avoid being knocked prone. Unfortunately for the previous owner of this item, this effect only works when the broom is stationary, so you can’t bring it into combat.