Roll4 Monthly Magical Items

Joker’s Impossible Stein

This infuriating stein is always full to the brim with your favorite frothy beverage. However, no matter how you drink out of this stein, the contents will simply spill on to the floor in a foamy mess, never to reach your lips. The bearer of this item gains advantage on all practical jokes and pranks when not in combat.

Cloak of the Tortoise

This long and flowing cloak turns rigid and shell-like when someone sneaks up on you from behind. For a free action, you can turn this cloak into Shell Form, or back into a cloak. While in Gain advantage on any saving throws and +1 AC for any physical attacks coming from behind you. While your cloak is in shell form, your speed is cut in half.

Sloth’s Perfect Slippers

Perfect for bedtime, you’ll never lose a wink of sleep again! These slippers are rumored to be the most comfortable slippers in the known world, and always give you a perfect night of sleep. If you wear these slippers all day before taking a long rest, you gain an additional use of any one of your spell slots. However, wearing them causes you to become drowsy, reducing your speed by 1, and granting advantage on the first incoming attack each round of combat.

Merchant’s Holy Symbol

A simple gold coin imbued with pure mercantile arcana. You gain a +1 on all Deception or Persuasion checks when trying to haggle price. Once per day, this bonus can be increased to advantage.

Shellfish Bar Stool

While any person is sitting on this bar stool, they must succeed on a Wisdom save (DC 10) or they become incredibly self-centered. If any crabs, lobsters, or other shellfish sit on this bar stool, they take an illusory form of a sentient creature, as decided by the GM. While in this form they are still unable to speak, and this illusion only lasts as long as the shellfish remains on the bar stool.

Chameleon Talisman

Even those that hate you won’t be able to help themselves from admiring your fashion sense. While wearing this item, this talisman will never clash with any outfit. In fact, even if an outfit itself clashes, this talisman pulls the outfit together nicely. The first time you roll a Deception, Performance or Persuasion against a new target gain advantage. This can only be done once per character you’re interacting with, in perpetuity.

More Magical Items?

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