Game: Interdimensional Battle of the Bands!

This is our second year submitting to the 200 Word RPG Challenge! You can read our previous submission Heist!

Radical! Your band just qualified for the Interdimensional Battle of the Bands! Name and Describe your Band!


1 MC, 1+ Players, 1 Deck of cards, 1 die for each player


Players start with 1 point in HYPE, HEART and SKILL, then distributes 6 more points between them (max 5).

NPC bands are built the same way.


HEART = Social
SKILL = Physical

Roll under your Attribute to succeed. Roll the exact amount for a critical success!


Players and MC draws cards equal to their HYPE. MC starts playing a song.

On each players turn they turn over a card and roll against the MC.

RED cards roll HEART
BLACK cards roll SKILL

The goal is to roll higher than the MC, but less than or equal to HEART or SKILL. Rolling higher counts as 0.

Whoever has the highest result is the winner and keeps the card.

If it’s a tie, either can use one of their HYPE cards to roll the attribute attached to the HYPE card. Winner keeps all cards played, other cards are discarded.

When the song ends, measure the Applause-O-Meter! If the players have more cards than the MC, they win the battle.