Ancestry of Mitica

The world of Mitica is vast and diverse, and the inhabitants of this planet are no different. Several sentient creatures evolved in isolation before their knowledge of magic was advanced enough to allow for widespread travel. Even though this milestone was achieved long ago, the ancestry of a an individual still plays a large role in their identity. However, their Culture is more important in the development of personality, morals, and ideals.


The Aracsha are a race that evolved from underneath Mitica’s crust. Long thought to be evil, Aracsha historically were mistaken for demons due to their striking appearance and stern demeanor. While these archaic views on the Aracsha are by-and-large diminished in all modern settlements, there are still misconceptions about their diet, habits, and religion.

It is believed Aracsha do share a close common ancestor with Elves, but each is considered separate Ancestries. This is despite the fact that Elves and Aracsha share the same ancestral language of Elven, and the same ability to adapt to their environment quickly. 

Aracsha have slender builds and have an average height of between 5’6”-6’6”, and a weight of 150-200 pounds. Aracsha also have one of the longest lifespans, with an average of 200 years.  Their skin can vary in color from black, white, grey or purple, while their hair color is typically black or white. They are known for their dexterity, wit, and resistance to toxins. Their ancestral language is Elvin.


Dwarves largely evolved in mountainous regions, where they became shorter, and stout to withstand the cold, and help maintain balance in the mountains. Through the generations, geology, gemology and metallurgy remain to be skills taught from parent to offspring, learned from finding valuable materials found within the mountains.

The average height of a dwarf is between 4’-4’8”, with an average weight of 150-200 pounds. Dwarven lifespans are much longer than that of a human, averaging about 150 years. Skin and hair color of Dwarves varies similarly to that of humans. Dwarves are known for their iron stomachs, constitution, artifacts and magnificent beards. Dwarven is their ancestral language.


Elves are among the fastest adapting creatures in all of Mitica, spreading far across a wild forest that used to stretch the length of the Sands a millennia ago. They are known for being able to grow distinct features and evolve in only a few generations if left in isolation. Although less common, there are members of the Elves that may have antlers, horns, scales, or gills depending on their hometown.

Elves have slender builds and have an average height of between 5’8”-6’4”, and a weight of 150-200 pounds. Elves, much like the Aracsha, have an average lifespan around 100 years old, also sharing their Ancestral Language of Elvin. Skin and hair color of Elves usually varies similarly to that of humans, however isolated reaches of Elves are known to evolve new features. Elves are commonly known for their dexterity, wisdom, and excellent complexions.


Gnomes are known for their ingenuity. Until the last 500 years, Gnomes were considered vermin due to their small size and theft of resources of cities around Mitica. Prior to this point, Gnomes created shadow cities within other cultures, creating houses on top of other villagers houses, in their attics or even inside their walls. They were mostly able to evade capture with their inventions and intelligence. 

More recently, Gnomes are known for their ability to solve puzzles, and create interesting and unique artifacts and objects. Gnomes usually weigh between 50-75 pounds, with a heights between 3’4”-3’10”. Their average lifespan is around 55 years, and they have similar skin and hair color to humans, except they are known to start growing grey earlier in life (around age 10). Their ancestral language is Gnommish.


What Goblins lack in strength, they make up for in numbers. They are known for having incredibly large families, usually with at minimum of 6 children. Historically, Goblin names were based off of numbers in various languages, based on the order in which they were born. Although these names are still used, this is no longer the norm for most Goblins.

Goblins usually weigh between 45-60 pounds, with a heights between 3’4”-3’9”. Their skin and hair color normally ranges from Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, and Purple, although it is unusually rare for the skin and hair color of a Goblin to be the same color. Their ancestral language is Goblinese.


Goliath’s actual origin is unknown as they have found themselves living along Dwarven and Human settlements throughout mountainous regions for centuries. Oftentimes, Goliath’s were called “Giants” or “Tall Humans” in historical texts of travelers. On one occasion Goliaths were referred to as “Extreme Dwarves”, which has been known to delight Goliath and Dwarven scholars alike.

Goliath’s are usually known for being level headed, knowing the extent of their strength in an effort to not injure those around them. It is said that there isn’t a Goliath born without a green thumb, as many Goliath’s feel very at home in nature. Goliaths average height of 6’5”-7’ and an average weight of 250 Pounds. Their Ancestral Languages include Common and Dwarven.


Humans are widely known as the most adaptable species in Mitica, as well as their thirst for adventure. They were among the first species to traverse the globe, with a wide range of talents. A Dwarven scholar once jokingly called humanity “the most bland ancestry in the world; Jack’s-of-all-Trade and Masters-of-none”, which lead to the rise of the name Jack, Jackie and Jacquelyn during it’s time. 

The ancestral language of Humans is Common. Humans enjoy an average lifespan of around 70 years, with an average height of  5’8”-5’11”, and weight of 150 pounds.


Orcs are among the strongest sentient creatures in Mitica. Although they had a history of being known as barbarians, looting cities and towns during their nomadic travels, they built a new identity for themselves with the introduction of new cultures from the surrounding Nations. In the past few hundred years, Orcs have integrated themselves in every corner of Mitica, still holding on to their heritage, while embracing the changes of the world.

Orc’s have an average height between 6’-6’6”, and an average weight of 220 pounds. Their skin color can range from brown, green, blue, red and in rare cases purple. Almost all orcs have a hair color of black, however, it is common for Orcs to die their hair. The average natural lifespan of an Orc is 80 years, with their ancestral language is Orcish.