May 2019 RPG Blog Carnival – Wrap-up

Like all good celebrations, this months RPG Blog Carnival has reached it’s end. But never fear, there’s another one right around the corner! We’ve had a lot of fun writing on this topic ourselves, and was amazed at what everyone else has come up with this month. Put this all together, and you become the Master of Ceremonies!

The Rat Hole had a whopping 3 Articles for us this month starting with 25 Birthday Traditions for your Table. Then they went on to create the spectacular Random Holiday Generator, followed by the Random Dark Holiday Generator.

Plastic Polyhedra came up with an awesome One Roll Table for creating holidays!

Codex Anathema’s party was so cool we almost didn’t get invited to it. (Clearly a joke. Codex is always awesome!)

Roll4 created events for D&D 5e that can be added into your Celebrations, and discussed the three biggest holidays in their Mitica setting.