Blog Carnival: Holidays, Festivals & Celebrations in RPG’s

For the very first time Roll4 is excited to announce that we are hosting the RPG Blog Carnival by of Dice and Dragons!

Our theme of the month is: Holidays, Festivals & Celebrations! Whether you need a setting to start a murder mystery, or just want a space for your players to explore to let them blow off some steam, large-scale events are a perfect setting for your adventure.

How can you contribute? Let us know how you handle festivals in your campaigns! Are there any holidays that your characters celebrate? Do your prepare for knightly challenges, like the Joust? Have a good story? We’re not picky, we just what and how you celebrate!

We’ll be kicking off this Carnival with our article 25 Festival Contests and Events. Here we’re listing contests and events for you to put into your own festivals! These challenges are written with D&D 5e in mind, but they’re easily modifiable to other systems.

That’s everything! It’s time for you to start writing! If you have an article to contribute, please link it in the comments below, and at the end of the month, we’ll do a wrap-up of all of your amazing articles.