21 Character Downtime Activities

Last week we wrote about handling downtime, but there weren’t many examples. So, here are 21 activities during your character’s downtime!

  1. Art

Creating beautiful works of art is never easy or fast.
Complications: Need Specific Material, Needs Inspiration, Distractions

  1. Competitions

Trying to be the best isn’t always easy. Competitions normally come with a cash prize, but it is often difficult or comes with a risk. This could be a fighting pit, or a race.
Complications: Injury, Illegal Competition, Strong Competition, Low Prize Money

  1. Cook

Creating high-class meals is often more difficult than most people suspect.
Complications: Need A Special Ingredient, Stumble Upon A Secret Recipe, Missing Ingredients

  1. Copy Spells

Copying new spells to your spellbook.
Complications: Lame Spells, Duplicate Spells, Expensive Access

  1. Craft

To create your own items is oftentimes much more difficult than shopping in itself.
Complications: Need A Special Tool, Need Special Materials, Need Assistance/Special Part, Needs More Time

  1. Explore

Exploring a City is something that can always yield good and bad results. You’ll often find something that casual passersby would often miss.
Complications: Bad Part Of Town, Gain Unwanted Attention, Lost, Followed

  1. Fine-Dining

It’s time to enjoy the finer things in life. Enjoy a decent meal, take in some sights.
Complications: Food-Poisoning, Terrible Food, Brings Unwanted Attention

  1. Fish

The action of fishing for food or profit. This could be to complete work for money, such as fishing for shark, or it could be to sell or sustenance.
Complications: Fish Aren’t Biting, Unable To Catch What You Set Out For, Too Small, Too Big

  1. Gamble

Gambling can draw a dangerous crowd, especially if you win against the wrong people.
Complications: Playing Cheaters, Called A Cheat, Against Good Gamblers, Illegal Gambling

  1. Hang Out

Choose another Player Character or NPC. You will spend your downtime with them, nothing of note will be accomplished, but your bond will be stronger.
Complications: Unwanted Attention, Banned From Establishment, Trouble With The Law, Drank Too Much

  1. Hunt

The action of finding and hunting a quarry. This could be to complete some work for money, it could be to sell hide and meat, or it could be for sustenance while on the road.
Complications: Need Help To Hunt Your Quarry, Need A Specific Item To Find Your Quarry, Hurt On The Hunt, Unable To Find Quarry

  1. Learn a Language

Learning a Language takes time, it’s best to find a tutor.
Complications: No Mentor, Poor Books, Bad Tutor

  1. Night Out

A night out can always be a blast, but oftentimes you can regret the events that transpired.
Complications: Brawl, Drank Too Much, Made Promises You Can’T Keep, Challenged Someone

  1. Perform

Performing is always a cutthroat business. Oftentimes for adventurers it’s more literal than a metaphor.
Complications: Gain A Stalker, Unfriendly Crowd, Low Tippers, Rival Performer

  1. Research

Research can be exhausting if it consumes all of your time, but it can come with some great results.
Complications: Gain Unwanted Attention (Secret Knowledge), Need A Translator, No Books Of Note, Distractions

  1. Rest

Rest could include reading, tanning, lounging and napping. Resting rarely comes with a complication.
Complications: None

  1. Sailing

Sailing can be a relaxing activity of leisure, as long as there aren’t any pirates!
Complications: Pirates, No More Wind, Sprung A Leak, Lost At Sea

  1. Shop

Shopping is a timeless pastime for any adventurer. It could be for a magical implement to a fancy new dress. However, shopping isn’t always as easy as one would think.
Complications: Weird Shop Owner, Fake Items, Hidden Magical Effect, Expensive

  1. Trade

Finding a buyer or someone to trade goods with can oftentimes be a daunting task, even when there is a market where haggling is encouraged.
Complications: Trader Only Deals In Real Estate, Trader Only Deals In Trinkets, Trader Is Suspicious, Trader Has A Weird Quirk

  1. Train

It’s time to get serious. Training will help hone your skills, but it’s often just as much work as, well work.
Complications: Injury, Not Enough Time, No Mentor/Partner, Too Lazy

  1. Work

You can rest when you’re dead. During your downtime you can take on additional work for some additional coin.
Complications: Horrible Boss, Hard Labor, Low Pay, Illegal Activities