Creature Profile: Bubak

Collected from the Tome of Scarlett Reed:

6113.12.10 – Midday this afternoon, as we were hiking, I heard a baby crying. We followed the voice to a clearing where I found a bundle of cloth beside a scarecrow.  I rushed over to comfort the child, and was stricken from the side and driven away, the Lady Saunders had tackled me to the ground. Furiously, I readied myself for an argument when she held a single finger to her lips, indicating quietness. Against my instinct, I held my words. Silently she pointed towards the bundle.

What I saw, was the scarecrow, no longer straight up, but bent over the spot that I had just been, staring straight at me. It’s post looked just like a human spine, crawling up to the fake scarecrow’s clothes, no doubt harvested from another victim. Hastily, we left the scene and headed towards the nearest town Hawthornsville to regroup.

6113.12.10 – In Hawthornsville- Lady Saunder’s is convinced this creature is a Bubak, something native to her homeland of Gesh. It’s rumored that some Bubak’s were imported from Gesh to Zexen by a corrupt mayor some years ago, although there was nothing more than speculation that I was ever able to find. Beatrice wants us to stay in town until she receives a message back from her grandmother in Gesh, who seems to have had experiences with Bubak’s in her past.

6113.12.32 – After weeks, we’ve finally heard back from Beatrice’s Grandmother. She wrote, verbatim:

“Friends of Beatrice: Be Advised. The Bubak is a creature not to be trifled with. When I was a girl, my childhood friend fell by the hands of a Bubak, they are clever and evil. Be that as it may, wearing a freshly cut rabbit’s foot will leave you out of the eye of the Bubak.”

Despite her warning, I believe we will move forward. I already know where we will get our rabbit feet.

6113.12.37 – We have watched the Bubak for 5 full days. Each day we take fresh feet from the Wolpertinger’s we caught earlier in the month. Doing this causes the creature to explicitly avoid our gaze. It doesn’t seem as though it’s not able to see us as much as it refuses to look at us.

–Tormund Amendment: This very much sounds like a Ward. It’s likely that the creature still knows of your presence while you’re warded, however, it will actively try to avoid you. Most unintelligent creatures will hide, or run away from those it’s warded against, this kind of behavior shows the intelligence of the creature. Although it would likely flee if you attacked it directly while warded, it may be biding it’s time hoping your Ward runs out when you’re not paying attention. —

The Bubak also carries the name “Bag Man” which became obvious to us when we saw it’s first prey. Much like it lured us to it, it created a noise that I’m not entirely familiar with, but that noise was able to lure in a badger. As the badger moved nearer to the bundle, there was a snap. Leaves and twigs flew as the badger was swallowed whole by some sort of a leathery sack that lay hidden on the ground. That bundle that I nearly picked up was the inside of the Bubak’s stomach! It’s basically a natural version of a net trap.

This is possibly the strangest digestion system that I’ve seen yet. Its stomach seems to be completely external and can be held like a bindle. However, I have to wonder if that stomach would have been able to hold me. Clearly, it would not be able to hold on to Lady Saunders, and I would have been a tight fit assuming that the stomach does not expand too much. Sean, however, would almost definitely into the stomach. I’ll have to keep a closer eye on him.

6113.12.38 – The Bubak must have decided that we were too much of a hindrance for it’s hunting ground. I can’t help but think that the Warding was straining it in some way. Sean, being on guard, was the only one to actually see the creature leave. According to him, it pulled up feet that were earthed within the ground, saying that the post was actually a pair of legs. It also discarded the carcass of the badger, which now seems to have been fully digested. On inspection in the morning, only dry bones remained, absolutely incredible.

I would not mind encountering this creature again to do further research. Beatrice, however, said the thing put her on edge and she hopes to never see one again.

Knowledge Checks

Common Knowledge
• The Bubak is also known as the “Bag Man”.
• Common prey for the Bubak is small game and children.

Uncommon Knowledge
• Bubak’s are incredibly intelligent, but they are not sentient.
• Their stomach is incredibly tough, and resistant to most attacks and magics. Although it can be pierced, it’s said to be as durable as dragon scale

Specialized Knowledge
• The Bubak is known for its ability to mimic different creatures in order to lure in it’s victims. This shows some low-level magical or psychic ability.
• They are very rarely confrontational, and will flee if given the chance