The World of Mitica is one of pure magic, wonder, adventure, and quite honestly shouldn’t exist at all. It makes a yearly pilgrimage to traverse between the paths of a binary star system, in the shape of an infinity symbol. The only thing that keeps these in the correct path, is the magic that binds them all together. It takes the planet a total of 701 days to complete its path for a full year.

The Solar Cycle

Mitica Solar Year

It takes a total of two years , or 1402 days, for the two suns, Rexis (Blue) and Yeris (Red) to revolve each other, which is called a Solar Year. The calendar year consists of 700 days, with an extra day at the beginning of every year, called the Candlewish Night.

Days in Mitica are 22 hours long. Despite logic or reason, all days on Mitica provide between 10-12 hours of daylight due to the high magical content within the atmosphere.


Due to the complicated nature of the path of the planet, there are actually 8 seasons to each year. Each are directly related to the amount of sunlight that Mitica gets at the time of the year. The seasons are:

  • The Blue Winter
  • Spring Prime
  • Summer Prime
  • Fall Prime
  • The Red Winter
  • Spring Minor
  • Summer Minor
  • Fall Minor

The seasons affect the entire planet by the amount of sunlight from each sun that shines on the planet’s surface. The Winter’s are named after the only sun that they are able to see during the time period.

Months of the Year

Season Month 701 Days
Candlewish Night 1
The Blue Winter Rexis 44
Acrice 44
Spring Prime Pathys 44
Thetu 43
Summer Prime Gystoi 44
Piara 44
Autumn Prime Icrah 44
Corsai 43
The Red Winter Tyne 44
Nix 44
Spring Minor Dienta 44
Stemi 43
Summer Minor Palton 44
Earis 44
Autumn Minor Otrix 44
Comis 43


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