Country: Zexen

Name: Zexen
Known As: The Home of Adventurers
Area: 941460 mi2 , 158,104 km2
Population: 5,050,000
Capital: New Arais
Government Type: Republic
Governmental Leaders: 1 Chancellor, 47 Senators

Adventure Awaits! That’s the motto of Zexen, and for the most part, it’s true. It’s an island country, a few miles off the coast of Phendor that draws adventurers worldwide to find work and explore its secrets. Zexen covers a vast number of City-States, with each city, or even smaller village, holding to their own laws and customs. This leads to a vast and diverse culture that is celebrated across the nation.

Zexen has a rather simplistic Laissez-faire government style. It is governed by a set of inalienable rights created by the Republic, with the remainder of the laws being created at the local level of government. Each City is required to send 10% of its guard to the Capital, New Arais, for a year of service, and 5% of their revenue.

What makes Zexen truly unique, is that most of their economies are based on that of Adventurers. Large sums of currency are acquired by adventurers and then dispersed in taverns, restaurants, item restoration, and refinery. Most dangerous tasks are also normally handled at the local level, with governments hiring adventurers to do the dirty work.

Due to the amount of well-seasoned warriors that occupy Zexen, as well as a strong standing army, war does not come to it often. Expansion is not in the interest of Zexen either, as most within the country tend to put more emphasis on exploration than anything else.

Notable Locations, Organizations and Individuals

  • Cities
    1. New Arais
    2. Fel’Dorik
    3. Bearington
    4. Grainsvile
    5. Silver City
    6. Hawthornesvile
  • Locations
    1. The “Swamp of Sorrows”
  • Organizations
    1. Spidersilk Corp.
The Country of Zexen
A Map of Zexen