Population: Around 9000
Country of Origin: Zexen, Mitica
Leader: A Council, 4 elected Residential, and one from each business district (Market, Merchant, Craftsman, Entertainment, and Wessen & The Smith)

Despite the name, there are no bears in Bearington.

There are, however, many things to behold inside this small city. It is, in fact, one of the central hubs of Zexen, due to the fact that it is right along a trade route, that is fairly well protected by the many adventuring parties that travel it. The locals have creatively described it as being “A really Nice Place”.

10 years ago, Bearington wasn’t even on the map, now it’s hard to find a person that has never heard of them. Due to its main attraction and a few prominent businesses, Bearington has been encountering an increasing growth ever since. More people have been being drawn to the town for business opportunities, and goods.

Notable Places & People

  1. The Meat Well
    The Meat Well is the Primary Tourist destination within Bearington. Which is strange for a seemingly empty well. When you make a wish upon this well of a type of meat and flick a coin downwards, a plate of the meat will be in the bucket when you draw from the well.

    1. Uncommon Knowledge: As the amount of coin dropped down increases, so does the quality of the meat.
    2. Hidden Knowledge: The well can produce a copy/clone of ANY type of meat that exists within the world, and has been fed to the Meat Well at one time.
    3. Secret Knowledge: The Well is powered by a Magical Tree that grows at its base. This tree is under constant surveillance and is protected by the town. Seeking it out may lead to imprisonment.
  2. Wesson & The Smith (W&S)
    A titan of medieval industry. They are known across all land for creating the highest quality of Magical Items, even though not all of them are seemingly useful. Of course, enchantments are added to swords, shields, and magical implements as other craftsman do, but they have special equipment unlike anything else across Mitica.

    1. Mr. Wesson – Mr. Wesson is only occasionally within Bearington itself. He is the lead of Item Enchantment at W&S. It is well-known that he scours the world for ancient and powerful enchanted items for him to re-create, or to give him ideas on other items.
    2. The Smith – Also known as Sven, a prominent Goblin within the town of Bearington. He sits on the council of Bearington and has led it in its expansion. For W&S, Sven is a world-renowned blacksmith, known for his ability in choosing
  3. Ricky’s Place
    The go-to tavern for any nightlife. What was once just one small tavern and inn, is now surrounded by a small compound of 13. Accommodations include a choice of rooms to stay in, restaurants and taverns. The compound is referred to as Ricky’s Places, as the initial tavern was simply called “Ricky’s Place”. Although there are enough employees to handle all of its locations, Ricky himself still prefers to tend his old bar.

    1. Ricky – Bartender, Ricky is the friendliest person you will ever have the fortune to meet. Especially if you’re an adventurer. Free drinks have pored for adventurers that can start telling him a riveting tale! Ricky adores the stories of those that enter his bar, and even more to his credit, he never forgets a story or a face.
    2. El Deboran – The friendly bartender of Ricky. A specialty of his is learning exotic drinks, as well as bar games from around Mitica. While Ricky collects stories, Deboran collects recipes.
  4. Craftsmen
    The Craftsmen district was created more to appeal to tourists and for minor repairs for Adventurers. Many craftsmen flock to Bearington to try to be apprenticed at Mr. Wessen & The Smith. Otherwise, they usually take away too much business from the other craftsmen.

    1. Luxury & Practicality – Blacksmith
      1. Ida Simon – The Blacksmith. She creates no-frill, yet sturdy designs for all occasions. Any structural repairs go through Ida. She is a no-nonsense disciplined person, able to get repairs out at great speed.
      2. Kenzi Simon – The Artisan. She can create works of art as if the metal were made of clay. Repairing delicate metal objects is her specialty. However, her structures often lack strength for adventuring without help from Ida. As with all true artists, if she doesn’t have the inspiration to do so, it may take a while for even a commissioned piece to be completed.
  5. Merchants
    Merchants thrive in this town. W&S usually doesn’t sell their items outright, but instead sell it to local merchants to boost the economy of the town. Bearington is also known to Barter for magical items as well. Merchants also know that if they ever come across an item that interests Mr. Wesson, there can be a big pay-out.

    1. Chiasa Sakai – Prominent saleswoman. Chiasa is known throughout Bearington as a woman who could sell water to the ocean. Although her business does very well, she never has purchased a house in Bearington, instead choosing to live in her wagon.
      1. Secret Knowledge:
        She is on the run from another country for the murder of a nobleman.
  6. Marketplace
    The Marketplace is a usual source of hustle and bustle within Bearington. With the attraction of the Meat Well, meat is not normally sold within the marketplace. There is a known merchant that sells cabbages for good return.