Creature Profile: Phoenix

Collected from the Tome of Scarlett Reed:

6113.06.22 – Mages are the worst. While studying a Cockatrice, my husband Sean was hit with an errant stinging jinx from a rather intoxicated mage in blue robes. Poor Sean’s face started swelling up and turning rather large. Unfortunately for us, we had to make an impromptu trip into town in Zexen for medical assistance, delaying our Cockatrice expedition.

The mage, however, did prattle on about finding his lost “Lulu”. She was described as a red bird around 75 cm in height, that occasionally bursts into flame. Could this be a Phoenix sighting? In our years of travel, we’ve only met a handful of individuals that even claim that they’ve seen a Phoenix before.

6113.06.24 – Sean is finally back on his feet. After the swelling in his eyes lessened so he was able to see again. Of course, he was eager to get back to his research. I insisted that Lady Saunders accompany him for the time being until he is fully healed. While Sean has been resting, Lady Beatrice and I have been noticing orange glows hovering above the treetops at night. It seems as if that drunken magician may know the whereabouts of a real-life Phoenix. While Sean is looking continues with the Cockatrice, I’ve decided to go in search of the Phoenix.

6113.06.25 – Well, it did not take long to find the Phoenix. The same mage in the blue robe was making a scene while holding the bird from its feet (Although it was putting up a pretty good fight trying to escape). He seemed to be trying to convince the creature, which he again called “Lulu”, to come with him again.

I decided to approach him. He introduced himself as Heisenberger, stating that Lulu was his familiar. Lulu herself allowed me to inspect her, if nothing else to get away from this Heisenberger character.

Lulu herself was a beautiful bird of orange plumage, with gentile flames floating throughout its body. What is especially surprising is its flames were actually cool to the touch, it seems as if its flames are mostly magical in nature and not physical.

— Tormund’s Amendment: I believe I’ve met this wizard before. He’s one-part genius and two parts complete fool. I recommend avoiding him, as he has a tendency to bring trouble wherever he goes. —

6113.06.27 – Lulu seems to be going through a rough time. Not only is it starting to molt, it clearly does not like the mage, and does its best to avoid him, however, he has been allowing me to inspect him more closely if I set aside some food to feed him. It’s through these inspections that I found that Lulu was actually male.

Lulu’s diet consists of a handful of berries, but usually, it seems to hunt small game such as rabbits, or rats. It seems as if Lulu especially enjoy’s fish, which I speculate may be due to the fact that it must be difficult for a creature of fire to obtain a creature that lives its entire existence under water.

6113.06.28 – I awoke in the middle of the night to a large amount of heat, and a bright orange glow. Lulu was emitting a large ball of fire from its body, engulfing a large sycamore. I stood frozen for minutes, panic in my mind as I started to worry about the fire spreading to the rest of the forest, but it seems as if the Phoenix was isolating the flames only to that one unfortunate tree.

Once again Heisenberger was, unfortunately, within arms reach. Unlike myself, he seemed serene, for the first time since we’ve had the displeasure of being introduced. But I won’t forget what he told me, as I very well might be one of the first people in the world to have ever seen a Phoenix rebirthing.

“You see, my Lulu hasn’t been born yet. This Phoenix is at the end of its life cycle and is ready to be reincarnated to its next iteration. However, when there are few phoenix’s in an area, they are able to multiply on their reincarnation. They only require another pile of Ashes”

With that statement, the fire intensified, bringing the bird and tree completely to ash, within an instant. For that second, the entire world was still, until moments later, the pile of ash started squirming. Two, much smaller, versions of the Phoenix emerged from the ashes. Heisenberger teleported one to a tree (for its own safety he said), and the other he picked up and introduced himself to, then teleported away himself.

Witnessing this phenomenon will always be in my mind. A memory that I will cherish forever. With the exception of the Mage, I’d like to forget him as quickly as I can.

–Tormund’s Amendment: Unlike Unicorns, or Dragons like myself, Phoenix’s are not immortal. They have an interesting reincarnation cycle when they officially are deceased and reborn their memories are transferred to the next iteration. Though I was not aware how they reproduced, this brings into question why they have genders, to begin with. —