A Continent of Mitica

World of Mitica

This is a world of high-fantasy, drenched in Magic, brimming with mystery, and constantly on the move. There aren’t many worlds that idealize and adore adventurers quite like this one. Well, except shop or tavern owners. Or anyone that has their stuff destroyed by adventurers on a regular basis. But, that’s beside the point.

There are always new legends ready to be unfolded. New secrets ready to be uncovered. New fireball spells, just itching to be cast.

This is the the world in which you inhabit.

Welcome to Mitica.

Why Create Mitica?

Mitica is a whole new world, created for Roll4, constantly updating, growing, and becoming more complex. Meet the inhabitants of Mitca. Learn of fantastic Cultures. You can even explore the creatures of Mitica from The Journals of Scarlett Reed

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