Viking Drinking

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    Viking Name Generator

    Image by Gioele Fazzeri from Pixabay

    A gigantic generator filled to the brim with Old Norse names! However, with these names, you may not recognize how to say them. Well, fear not! Below we have a guide to get you going on how to pronounce some of the letters you may not recognize. If you would like to hear these sounds spoken aloud, Jackson Crawford has a great video on the pronunciations given below!

    Pronunciation Guide:

    1. Þ and þ – These characters have a soft “th” sound. In English, it would be like the words thing, with, and forth.
    2. Ð and ð – These charters have a hard “th” sound. In English, it would be like the words this, them, or other.
    3. Ø and Ö – These characters will have a sound in English similar to the “I” in words like Flirt, the “U” in Burt, or the “O” in Word.
    4. Æ and æ – These characters will have the sound of an “A” in certain words. In English it would have an A sound similar to that found in the words: rad, cat, bat, or sad.
    5. Ǫ and ǫ – This will have a sound similar to the “O” sound that someone from New Jersey might say “Coffee”

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