D&D Kenku Name Generator

    D&D Kenku Name Generator

    Kenku Name Generator

    Kenku names are very different from most other creatures within the realms of Dungeons and Dragons. Of course, our D&D Kenku Name Generator reflects this oddity. In the worlds of D&D Kenku are a bird-like people that were long ago cursed. Now they are flightless and are unable of true speech. Instead, Kenku are only able to mimic sounds that they’ve heard before, mixing and matching syllables and words to create a unique form of speech.

    When Kenku are old enough, they choose their own name in a bird-like language. These names are based on sounds that they hear, such as “The sound of water as it rushes over a cliff”. Oftentimes, Kenku’s common tongue name is an abbreviated version of the meaning of their original name, usually given to Kenku by the people around them. In this case, such a Kenku might be named “Waterfall”. Likewise, a Kenku whose true name is “The sound of sand as it crosses the desert” might be called “Sandstorm” or “Rustle”. In some cases, nicknames are given to Kenku based on their profession or hobbies, such as “Potion Maker”.

    Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

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    D&D Kenku Name Generator